Benefits for Sellers

Benefits for Sellers

We at Domus Optima Co. Ltd. are excited to possess the chance to assist homeowners selling their properties to realize their goal: to secure the highest value within the shortest time span in transparent and hassle-free selling environment.

We understand that selling a home is often a rather stressful experience, therefore, we will do our greatest to direct the seller through the selling process in the most effective, reliable and enjoyable way.

Below are just a few benefits available to Domus Optima Sealed-Bid Real Estate Auctions’ sellers:

  • Additional marketing options that accelerate the sale by increasing interest and visibility of the property.

  • Auction participants come prepared and willing to buy the property.

  • Simplifies the process of real estate sale and removes the necessity for the seller to participate in lengthy negotiations – terms and conditions are determined prior to the Sealed-Bid auction.

  • Property will be sold on an “as is” basis and without any contingency.

  • Limits the number of necessary property showings and eliminates short notice ones.

  • New level of a sale process certainty – auction results are known on a previously scheduled date.

  • Scheduled auction date helps to better forecast and even reduce long-term carrying costs (maintenance, utilities, insurance, property taxes, mortgage payments, etc.), thus increasing net profit.

  • Social distancing friendly

Benefits of Domus Optima Sealed-Bid Real Estate Auction System:

Benefits for Sellers

For Buyers

Benefits for Sellers

For Agents / Brokers

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