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Median Home Price in Toronto, ON
($, non-condo)

Qualifying Income (Annual Household Income Needed to Afford This Median Priced Home, $)

Median Annual Household Income in Toronto, ON ($)


Mortgage Payment for This Median Priced Home as % of the Median Household Income

Estimated Number of Months of Saving Required for the Down Payment (20%) on This Median Priced Home at a Savings Rate of 10%

Source: NBC Financial Markets | Data: Q1 2021

Almost all people around the globe would like to live in their own apartment or house. Canadians have the same desires.

Unfortunately, due to the current skyrocketed prices, tougher than ever mortgage rules and fluctuating interest rates, real estate has become less affordable for the majority of Canada’s population. The huge disproportion between real estate prices and people’s earnings has forced many hard-working families to indefinitely defer their desire of purchasing their own sweet home.

Should their dreams remain just dreams?  How long should they wait for more lucrative job positions, decline in real estate prices, promising government incentives, changes in mortgage rules or other solutions from outside?

The answer is simple: people do not need to wait any more. They can afford their own apartment or house right now.

Innovative Domus Optima™ Cohesion Real Estate Auction system provides dynamic competitive experience on a completely transparent auction platform and allows the winning auction bidder to buy real estate property for a fraction of its market value while providing the auction seller with a fair market value of the property in the shortest possible time.

The property price, anticipated by the seller, is decreased for the perspective bidders by a cohesion amount, contributed by all backers (perspective bidders) through the public cohesion crowdfunding campaign.

Together, we can make real estate affordable again!

Domus Optima
Domus Optima

Whether you are new to buying or selling, we would like to invite you to explore the new and innovative approach to real estate with Domus Optima™ Real Estate Auctions.

We have revolutionized the way to think about buying and selling real estate properties, making the experience smoother, more affordable, and enjoyable for the buyer and seller.

Thanks to the diverse spectrum of real estate auctions in our portfolio we are able to satisfy all the requirements of today real estate buyers, sellers, and agents.

Domus Optima

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