Benefits for Buyers

Buying your “Domus Optima” – “the Best Home” is one of the most important financial commitments you can make.  That is why it is very important to do your research, identify your specific needs, expectations and financial capabilities, and understand the current market buying options.

Unlike other available buying options, an innovative Domus Optima™ Cohesion Real Estate Auction system allows the winning auction bidder to buy real estate property for a fraction of its market value. The difference is covered by funds contributed by all backers (perspective bidders) through the Cohesion crowdfunding campaign.

Below are just a few benefits available to Domus Optima™ Cohesion Real Estate Auctions’ buyers:

  • Opportunity to buy real estate property at an affordable price for a fraction of its fair market value.

  • The seller is committed to sell.

  • Simplifies the process of real estate purchase and removes the necessity for the buyer to participate in lengthy negotiations – terms and conditions are determined prior to the cohesion auction.

  • Perspective buyers receive comprehensive information regarding the property through. a due diligence package prior to making their decision on participation.

  • New level of sale process certainty – purchasing and closing dates are known prior to auction.

  • Perspective buyers are competing fairly on the same cohesion auction system terms.

  • Social distancing friendly.

Benefits of Domus Optima™ Cohesion Real Estate Auction System:

For Sellers

For Agents / Brokers

Together, we can make real estate affordable again!

Ready to BUY / SELL?

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