Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario

Domus Optima Co. Ltd. was founded to introduce an innovative approach to buying and selling real estate. We have developed a plethora of unique realty auction processes designed to accommodate each and every type of homebuyer and seller.

Domus Optima Real Estate Auctions offer everything from an absolute auction where bidders compete with ascending bids to a sealed-bid auction, eliminating the negativity and uncertainty of the existing multiple offer situations with hot properties.

Whatever the auction type that suits you best, we are committed to helping perspective buyers and sellers find or farewell their “Domus Optima”BEST HOME with ease and transparency.

Domus Optima Co. Ltd. may be a small team, but we think big. We are driven to provide a simple and clear innovative auction platform for real estate buyers, sellers and agents, and to make a real difference together.

We believe in our community and value the power of people.

Our Environmental Commitment

Domus Optima's Environmental Commitments

Domus Optima Co. Ltd. is committed to reducing our environmental footprint through our business practices by:

  • Reducing paper use and waste through:
      • online auction process, paperwork and statements;
      • digital signatures for documents;
      • paperless record-keeping.
  • Reducing carbon footprint through:
      • technology use by minimizing or even eliminating the need to travel for auction listing, buying, selling, and representing formalities;
      • powered by green energy servers.
  • Considering and improving our environmental performance.

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