Throughout the ages owning a home was a sign of financial stability and an investment in a family’s future. Ancient Romans were dreaming of finding and owning their “Domus Optima” (Latin) – the BEST HOME or the BEST HOUSE. Nothing has changed since then, except that nowadays real estate has become less affordable even for financially stable families.

Domus Optima Co. Ltd. was founded to introduce an innovative approach to buying and selling real estate. We have introduced a plethora of unique auction systems designed to accommodate each and every type of homebuyer and seller.

Domus Optima offers everything from an absolute auction where bidders compete with ascending bids to a sealed-bid auction, eliminating the competitiveness and overpayments associated with traditional auctions using a single, sealed bid system.

However, the magnum opus of Domus Optima is the Cohesion Auction, involving the community and presenting the opportunity to purchase real estate at a fraction of its cost with the homeowner still obtaining their desired amount.

Whatever the auction type that suits you best, we are committed to helping perspective buyers and sellers find their “Domus Optima” and obtain their best home at an affordable price with ease.

Domus Optima Co. Ltd. may be a small team, but we think big. We are driven to provide a simple and clear innovative auction platform for real estate buyers, sellers and agents, and to make a real difference together.

We believe in our community and value the power of people.

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